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Hoy mismo me han enviado este e-mail desde Kind Regards. El formato no es nada nuevo, ya lo hemos visto con polaroids hace algún tiempo. Un poco para ver que se esconde detrás de las ventanas de cada vecino del bloque. Para esta esta ocasión tiran de analógico para asegurase de que sea lo más actual posible y lo que quieran mostrar. El limte son 36 fotos y los invitados:

Remio (USA)
- Banos (Australia)
- Will Robson-Scott (UK)
- Luce (Argentina/Bolivia)

Una buena lista, esperemos que tal les queda el resultado final.

os dejo con el mail original:

Hey there,

Hope you had a great summer.

Throughout the summer, Kind Regards has been busy working on exciting new projects as well as updating and refurbishing our current website.

At the moment, we are rounding off a photography project which involves various prominent people within the graffiti culture from the past decade - Project 36. The concept is that we send each artist a 35mm compact camera (Olympus MJU II) along with a roll of black and white film. We chose this camera as it has been a primary choice of camera for graffiti writers since its release in 1997, and still remains this way due to its flash, compact size, lens and all-weather capability. Each person involved shoots one roll of 36 exposures, with no specific subject matter assigned. Once the rolls were returned, we developed them in-house. The results reflected a lifestyle more so than a focus on graffiti.

Now we are in the process of creating editions of 36 booklets per artist involved, with all 36 shots presented in each respective booklet. Moreover, each booklet will include a single original negative from the roll of 36. This idea was born out of a need to bring the person taking the photo and the person buying the booklet closer to one another. We feel the culture of "blogging" and "reblogging" photos can often distance the original source of the photo from the viewer, even to the extent where the photo loses its intended meaning or is re-appropriated and taken out of context.

The artists we have worked with on this project are:

- Remio (USA)
- Banos (Australia)
- Will Robson-Scott (UK)
- Luce (Argentina/Bolivia)
We created a short trailer for Project 36, which you can see here. Further details about the booklet and release date will follow shortly.

As you may have seen in a previous email, we also have the upcoming group show 'Show Box' on the 22nd September, featuring works from Merijn Hos (aka BFREE), Gino & The Garlic Myth and Brent Wadden. You will find a flyer attached for the upcoming group show

Project 36 from Kind Regards on Vimeo.

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