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Oh Baghdad

Hoy he leído la entrevista que le hicieron a este escritor desde Sacramento; Oh Baghdad. Me ha parecido muy interesante todo lo que explica. Superar el miedo a pintar y hacer lo que más le gusta.

I wanted to be on a level where if I came with a hard enough tag I could get on a level with someone’s piece or prediction. The level where I could be at where my tag is clowning your piece or production. Aiming for a level where I could be above the rules of the graffiti game. The rules passed down from the forefathers. You know, if you don’t do trains or productions, you’re a toy.

What motivates me is overcoming fear. You come up with excuses to not go out and put off the work that is on demand, the work that we all have to do as writers. I get a light bulb pops off in my head that says “oh, it’s time to d graffiti.”

They wanna rock tight jeans and fixed gears and paint some neon graffiti, its all good. It’s the next generation of writers


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